Why should you take a self defense class?

We couldn’t deny the fact that there comes a time where we asked ourselves this question, “why should you take a self defense class?” Well, there are plenty of reasons behind that. For one, the most obvious reason would be, to protect ourselves from those who want to cause physical harm. Likewise, self-defense training offers a great deal of benefits.

Crime can happen to anyone, at any time.

This is inevitable and the harsh reality of life– especially for women. At some point in our lives, something bad will happen. There will be instances where you’ll be alone, and very vulnerable. More so, this will come when you least expect. So it’s better to be prepared.

A way to serve as a role model for the future generation.

We tell our children that they could do anything they want. How about safety? How can we show them how to protect themselves against assault, domestic violence, rape, and any crime imaginable. If we don’t set a very good example of being brave and strong by defending ourselves– physically, emotionally, spiritually, and verbally, how would they?

An act of empowerment

As you learn self defense, you’ll feel determined, strong, and empowered. You’ll realize that you have the privilege to take control of your life and feel safer wherever you are.

A true life insurance

It’s a known fact that we spend our fortune to ensure our life, cars, jewelry, travel insurance, disability insurance, rental property, etc. So why can’t we spend our money on a self defense course that could truly save our lives. Furthermore, self defense classes have an incredible positive impact to those people who have experienced it– they even felt a positive change in their lives.

Here are some of the advantages of taking a self defense class:

  • Meet new people- Taking a course that you’re highly interested in is a wonderful way to meet other people who like the same thing.
  • Acquire a new skill- Learning new skills is one of the keys to a successful and happy lifestyle. It’s essential to challenge yourself every now and then. Learn to face triumph and risks. Also, self defense is a skill that’s truly worth having.
  • Discover how to keep yourself safe at all times- Self defense isn’t just learning how to fight. Thus, it also teaches the participants some ways on how they can escape from danger. One of the key points of self defense is to know how to use your head and trust your instincts in times of peril.
  • Boost your self-confidence- Having the skills to protect yourself will definitely have an impact on your confidence level. You’ll be rest assured that no one would ever dare to take advantage of you.
  • Learn to take control- With self defense, you’ll learn how to control your mind, your body, and the situation. This will come in handy at all times– especially when you’re being threatened. Likewise, these skills will also be useful even in everyday scenarios. Keep in mind– the ability to control your body and mind is very vital. It may be highly impossible to control the whole world around you, but if you can prepare yourself, and keep your wits even in stressful situations, you’ll always find your way out.

Take the time to take care of yourself as you empower your whole being through self defense. Who knows, you might be surprised with what you’re capable of, and we hope that this answers the question, “why should you take a self defense class?”

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A variety of non-lethal weapons for personal protection

There are a variety of non-lethal weapons which can be used by the average individual, as a means of protection. Both men and women can use these weapons; whether it is for protection at home, or whether you are attacked in a public location, you can keep yourself, kids, and others around you safe, with these items. They are generally small, easy to hide, and extremely portable, allowing you to quickly reach them if necessary, and deterring potential attackers, who are looking to do harm.

Pepper sprays:

pepper spray
Using these devices, you can deter a potential attacker. With the pepper sensation, it causes both blinding and inflammation to the face and eyes, of the person who is attacking you. You can purchase these in a large spray can variety, or you can find a number of smaller, key chain spray devices, which are easy to conceal and carry anywhere. Not only are these sprays easy to reach, they can easily be used eve if an attacker grabs hold of you, as long as you can keep your hands free during an altercation. By blinding an attacker, you can call and run for help, and make your way towards a better lit location, until help arrives.

Stun devices and guns:

stun gun
Another option to carry around for protection is a stun gun. They are generally small and discreet, and can easily be contained in your pocket, a purse, or even your shoe, as a means of protecting yourself from certain dangers. This non-lethal device does temporarily disable your attacker, as the heavy shock and high voltage, paralyze an individual’s ability to move for a period of time. You can even find devices which are camouflaged to look like a cell phone, or other small items you would carry in your purse, so a potential attacker does not know you have it with you. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as amperage levels, to deliver the paralyzing shock.

Personal alarms:

personal alarm
These devices are far more effective than screaming; not only are they louder, they can be heard as a loud pitch, so others who might be around can hear them, and find you, or call for help if necessary. These alarms also come in a number of varieties, sizes, and are masked as personal objects, like the cell phone, so that your attacker will not know what you are carrying with you for protection.

There are also ring or knuckle pieces which can be worn on your hands, to punch, or otherwise injure someone who is attempting to attack you. Many of these devices are either going to paralyze, or otherwise cause immobility to your attacker, giving you time to get free, or get closer to a location where help can see you. With such an extensive variety of non-lethal weapons, which can be used by both men and women, it is possible to keep yourself safe, in a difficult situation or confrontation, if you are alone and can’t call out for help.

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